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Below is a list of campaigns in which the 12th has participated throughout it's history.

You may click on the links below to learn more about each campaign.

World War I 

Note: Defensive Sectors represent credit for combat operations outside of designated campaigns. (Warnock, 1990)


World War II


  • Air Offensive, Europe

  • Normandy

  • Northern France

  • Rhineland

  • Ardennes-Alsace

  • Central Europe

  • Air Combat, EAME Theater

Korean War


  • First UN Counteroffensive

  • CCF Spring Offensive

  • UN Summer-Fall Offensive

  • Second Korean Winter

  • Korea Summer-Fall, 1952

  • Third Korean Winter

  • Korea, Summer, 1953 


Vietnam War


  • Vietnam Air Offensive

  • Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase II

  • Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase III

  • Vietnam Air/Ground

  • Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase IV

  • TET 69/Counteroffensive

  • Vietnam Summer-Fall, 1969

  • Vietnam Winter-Spring, 1970

  • Sanctuary Counteroffensive

  • Southwest Monsoon

  • Commando Hunt V

  • Commando Hunt VI


Gulf War / Southwest Asia

  • Defense of Saudi Arabia

  • Liberation and Defense of Kuwait

Global War on Terrorism

  • GWOT-Expeditionary

World War One
World War Two
Korean War
Vietnam War
Gulf War
Global War on Terrorism
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