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First Mission...

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

6 - 12 May

After weeks of preparation, the moment has finally come. Ourches, France, May 10, 1918, Commander Maj. Lewis H. Brereton, accompanied by pilots 2nd Lt. Alfred Baker, 1st Lt. George Hughes and observers Capt William Saunders, 1st Lt. Elmer Haslett and 2nd Lt. E. E. Stuck, leads the 12th Aero Squadron on their first combat mission over the Toul Sector near the St. Mihiel salient.

This is the first of many flights to come as the 12th cuts its teeth on this relatively quiet sector. While at Ourches, they begin learning how to direct artillery fire, locate friendly lines and photograph enemy positions. See maps below for more detail.

These maps are adapted from, a terrific website about American aviation activities during World War I.

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