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Sometimes you get lucky.

This Veterans Day we were lucky enough to get some snow. After playing with the kids and dogs, I spent a little time in my office warming up and decided to take the opportunity to do a little research. While searching "twelfth aero squadron" returns on, I came across this little gem.

12th Aero Squadron September 1917 Wilbur Wright Field, Ohio

I'd seen this photo before on a forum posted by Mr. Taylor, but no names other than his grandfather, John R. Taylor were mentioned. You can view this photo in the "Members Area."

His photo is also ripped missing the face of Pvt Joe Lewis (upper left). It is extremely rare to obtain names and photos of enlisted members from this era. I am very excited to share this discovery with you all.

The photo was likely taken in September 1917 while the Squadron was at Wilbur Wright Airfield, Ohio. Corporal Heilbron took the photo. These men were mostly mechanics worked tirelessly to keep the 12th's aircraft in the air. Without them, the 12th and her crews could not have achieved all they did during the war. I am very glad to share some of them with you today.

Unfortunately, the newspaper clipping does not mention Mr. Taylor's grandfather, John R. Taylor Sr. in the photo caption.

I've attempted to reach out to Mr. Taylor to help me resolve the conflict. It wouldn't be the first time a newspaper has made a mistake.

Note: The "Members Area" is available free of charge. The area often contains special content I cannot yet openly publish but gives me a forum to share these items in a restricted educational setting.

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