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This Week in 1918... Lt. Robert Paradise

12th Aero Squadron Officers
Left to Right 2Lt. Eugene E. Stuck, 1Lt Robert Paradise & 1Lt Howard T. Fleeson | Remicourt, France | 19 or 20 November 1918 NASM-9A11573-121 Paul Stockton Collection

This week, while on vacation, I'll be visiting the University of Texas Dallas special collections section to review the George H. Williams, Jr. Collection. Mr. Williams amassed a great deal of information on WWI aviation including a few interviews of 12th Aero Squadron members. Initial review of the inventory looks promising but as with any archive, I won't know for certain until I review it in person.

Since I will be otherwise occupied in vacationing, I will not be writing about the 12th this week. However, in my absence, I refer you to the following article: "Pershing's Eyes in the Sky" written by Michael H. Coles for MQH Journal about Lt. Robert Paradise. It is a very interesting read and I highly recommend it.

Until next week.

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