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Wilbur Kennedy Collection Update!

Quick update today.

The Seattle Museum of Flight has completed its digitization of the Wilbur D. Kennedy Collection and published it here. You can also access their many other digital collections here.

Lt Kennedy was one of the few members of the 12th Aero Squadron who remained with the 12th throughout it's wartime experience on the Western Front. It contains numerous photos, letters and official documents from his time in service. It will take some time to absorb the contents of this large collection but I've already begun transcribing his letters from 1918. I will will begin posting the transcripts in early April.

I am also attempting to transcribe several poor quality scans of letters from Lt Wistar Morris. He was a member of the 12th during WWI and was killed in action while serving with the 12th. I've been able to reconstruct a few of these letters but lately haven't had the time to clean them up for transcription. If you'd like to assist in this project, please contact me here.

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