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A Personal Note

Life and Death

Life and death go hand in hand

Through this world of ours so drear

And the things we hold most dear

Live but for a day, and pass

Like a foot-print on the sand

Or a breath upon a glass

Sometimes, though, a passing breath

Leaves upon the glass a trace

Which all time cannot erase

And for endless years there stands

When all else has passed in death

One small foot-print on the sands.

- Lt. Sigourney Thayer

12th Aero Squadron

In many ways Lt. Thayer's poem embodies the heart of

In turn, for last 100 years, members of the 12th each give their contribution to the United States and her ideals. Their deeds are many and lest their trace upon the glass be forgotten, Twelfthrecon seeks to bring these men and women to the light. Theirs is a personal story.

We encourage you to spend some time in their company.

We've recently published the A1C Boe Simpson Collection. His stories, letters and photos capture a G.I.'s life in the tense days after the Armistice.

Look through Capt Harold Wickham's photo album. He flew unarmed reconnaissance missions in the Korean War. Learn why he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Read Lt. Elmer T. Olson's stories and listen to Lt. Robert Marple in his own voice recount flying reconnaissance P-51 Mustang WWII.

Bury yourself into Maj Haslett's book of amazing tales of life as an aerial Observer during the Great War.

We think you will find their words humbling and inspiring. Walk among these giants, if only for a moment.

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