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Updates from the Editor

Lots of developments this week.

You may have noticed the new website. It is still under development and your help is most welcome. There's lots of ways to help big and small so if interested, please contact me via the "Contact Me" button.

On the research end of things there have been some significant breakthroughs.

Enlisted members

Over 240 enlisted members of the 12th Aero Squadron who served in WWI were identified and added to the Master Roster in the 12 RS digital archives on Google Drive. It finally occurred to me their names would be on passenger lists from the troop ships carrying them to and from France. Sure enough there they were on the S.S. Northland and the U.S.S. Liberator. This is significant as enlisted records have been difficult to come by and previous to this find only about four enlisted personnel were known. It will take some time to uncover more about them but at least their names are known.

U.S. Army War College Library

Possesses several letters Lt Wistar Morris, pilot, 12th Aero squadron sent home. These letters are scans of letters photocopied some time ago and are of varying readability. These have also been uploaded to the 12th's digital archives and are currently being processed for their content.

Museum of Flight Seattle

Another exciting development. The Museum of Flight Seattle is currently digitizing the Lt Wilbur D. Kennedy collection. This collection includes several letters from Lt Kennedy. This is of special interest as Lt Kennedy was with the 12th during its entire time on the Western Front. The Museum expects to make the collection available to the public soon.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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